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What payment methods does the hostel accept?

Currently, HVR2 accepts several payment methods, the most common being:


wire transfer. ( Provided the transfer is made with a minimum period of 3 days before check-in )

Debit card

Credit card

Other methods: PayPal and Bizum

Business adapted to mobile and NFC payment.


Currently, our website and payment systems meet the appropriate security standards: encrypted data, SSL security protocols, etc. Therefore, the chances of suffering any incident as a result of giving the credit or debit card number or bank account are very small.

When it comes to cash payments, obviously during the transfer of cash, there is always the possibility of loss or theft.

Comfort, speed

The modalities based on electronic transactions (credit or debit cards, PayPal, transfers, etc.) are the most convenient and fast (practically instant) for the customer who contracts the accommodation service, since you can do it from your home or office through a computer or mobile device with internet connection.

Systems that require having to go to a bank, cashier and post office in person are obviously slower and more uncomfortable because they involve travel and time losses.

With Hostal Virgen del Rocío 2 you can do everything from your phone.

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