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1.All people who stay at the hotel, during their stay, will be subject to this regulation, which is considered an adhesion contract that must be fulfilled. Otherwise, the management reserves the right of admission and permanence with possible loss of the amount of the reservation.

2.        Check-in and check-out time: the time of entry into the room is set at 2:00 p.m. and they must be vacated before 11:00 am the next day; After that time, the hotel will be entitled to make an extra charge according to the rate in force that day.

3.        Registration: all people with the intention of staying 16 years and over, must register before entering the hotel.

Four.        To clean the room, you must leave the cleaning card in the hole of the reception desk, please. Before 11:00 after that time, the cleaning of the room will not be carried out, the card is hanging in the entrance near the light connector.

5.        It is not allowed to leave items from the room such as thermo trays, towel, television controls or air conditioning, bedding or any item that belongs to the establishment.

6.        Pet: pets are not allowed.

7.         Admission rights:  Hostal Virgen del Rocío dos reserves the right to admit occasional visits and in no case will access to the rooms be allowed in the event of non-compliance, the management reserves the right to order the immediate departure of the visitor.

8.        Silence hours: it is between 23:00 to 10:00 in the morning.

9.        Any damage caused by the guests to the movable or immovable property objects of the Hostal Virgen del Rocío 2, will be their sole responsibility, having to pay for their repair.

10.       The accommodation is non-transferable and cannot be transferred to third parties.

eleven.       The management declines all responsibility for the loss of jewelery, money, documents, other values of any kind kept in the room.

12.       For complaints or suggestions go to the reception and ask for the manager in charge.

13.       It is strictly forbidden for guests to make annoying noises, cause altercations and in general any act that disturbs or uncomfortable other hotel guests. inform the person who is causing the incident that they must leave the establishment if they do not comply with the instructions of the regulations established by the hotel of which they were informed through the rules on this sheet is published.

14.       The use in the room of objects that carry an electrical resistance is not allowed

fifteen.       It is forbidden in the common facilities and inside the room to smoke in the event that the client breaches this rule, the establishment will charge an extra € 20 in the deposit as extraordinary cleaning to eliminate odors.

16.       Remember to close the bedroom door when you leave.


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